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The Welfare Trap
The office is dirty, as usual,
but there is a hatch
to separate
the clean from the unclean,
us from them
The tracksuit in front of me
has no documentation
and I feel yet more disgust
I can't help but hate him.
There is an elderly, English lady
up next, black skirt suit, jewellery
penny's shoes, but I think her glasses
are designer.
The man who has just come in
looks like a drug dealer
and I laugh to myself because,
in a previous life,this place
might have sold drugs.
As for me,
where do I fit?
who am I?
who am I ?
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 3 2
Do you believe in God,
my mother, my father.
I wonder if it is I
who should be confessing to you.
I must confess,
my lady, my mother
you make me unhappy
in your absence
and your in presence.
I simply have no faith.
I have never found fulfilment
in forgiveness,
nor comfort in heaven.
I simply don't believe,
and yet,
am I not here
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 2 0
Goodbye and Elsewhere
Our words seem short today,
the conversation seems
formal and forced.
It seems sad but it's not.
I think I see you
through someone else's eyes
darker, more real,
no less a lie.
And when it's over
and we are elsewhere
goodbye won't seem so wrong.
Everything will be okay.
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 3 0
I think that surrender
is such a strange word,
like sacrifice.
There is a man knocking at the door.
I answer, I know him,
so I let him in.
I think that it won't hurt this time
because I know him,
but he does not know me.
And perhaps neither do I
and so I will find out
so I can tell him;
or maybe someone else.
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 3 0
The Virgin
The King
arrives to survey his kingdom,
his damage,
his need.
Am I still
to kneel at his feet?
to pray
or beg or
ask forgiveness?
Does he even care?
And the Queen,
what of her in her false white gown,
that me and mine
are no longer required to wear.
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 1 3
The space here is never empty
I walk in, plug myself
into this box and lay it all out.
I feel my roots spread throughout the room.
Last night, while I was on automatic,
I dreamt that I
was just a casual onlooker.
Then I stood up, something made of glass
fell off my lap and shattered;
I don't know what it was
or why I had to be the one to break it.
Perhaps it was not a dream
but a thought on repeat,
right now I feel wireless.
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 6 2
I don't know if you'll ever see heaven
but I know that you've been to hell.
I don't believe in God but
you say you know him way back from school.
He stood with the mean girls
laughing while they made their jokes
that you didn't get,
all you knew was that he had a plan,
the whole damn clique had a plan.
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 4 7
I'd tell you I'm flattered
but I'm not.
I feel as though I've trapped you,
lured you in
and as I get closer
you start to see the extra legs,
too many eyes.
I won't laugh though
because I know that I am a fool too,
I left the web unattended and
you flew right in.
I'd tell you it's not real and it's not right,
and you will know it's true,
because I am the one who is scared,
I'm the one caught in the web.
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 6 2
The Grim
It was I who was standing in the garden that day.
An old woman approached me and handed me a red apple and a comb.
She never spoke but I think I understood that our meeting was fate.
That day I was not eating,
and I was frightened that my hair would fall out,
the mirror told me so, you see;
I refused and she left.
Last night when I couldn't sleep, I begged her to come to me,
she came in my my half sleep to tell me the prince is dead.
"What does it matter?" she said
"you will still end up in a glass coffin."
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 8 6
The New Place
These are the new wallls
and this is the ceiling, The old chairs,
a cupboard, a moth; recently deseased.
I am frightened of the unfamiliar furniture,
someone elses dust,
and those who would sense my fear.
Now I am hiding under a borrowed table
with no sense of belonging,
both wanted and needed.
This is what I have wanted all along,
This freedom, this independence,
I have wanted to be here;
I think through my tears.
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 8 0
Child's Play
Why do I feel like we're heading for a funeral?
Today there was no rain, no clouds, no fear;
On a day like today,
you'd think there would be.
You're gonna look so grown up in you big girl's dress,
the sun on your face,
that lightening in your eyes.
Try keep the wind in your hair, feather & flower in your hands at all times,
because today is just not how it should be.
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 6 4
We Never See Their Light
I'll admit that pain
can only see the night
if you never tell me
to only see the light.
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 6 0
Promise Me to Never Be
Promise me you'll never be
all I ever see.
He promised me
I'm all I'll never be.
:iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 5 0
Morning Light in the Forest :iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 0 0 Our little World :iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 0 0 A Swan for a Lake :iconshannon-sweeney:Shannon-Sweeney 6 0


Standby :iconandreewallin:AndreeWallin 5,521 290
gentle and naked is how I saw us
red skin
soft bellies.
angels plucked and left to sit on the grass.
I've never seen one of us in a t-shirt, have you?
not even in paintings.
we take them off
my feathers drift with your feathers as two kinds of snow.
I brush the crumbles of cloud from your shoulder.
my strip club nativity strings up your eyes as lights
blue and green
my white hands grasping your halo.
your hair.
if light does come from a place like this
then I want to be light
the pulses of your halo in the grass make me remember in moments.
your bare earth skin
the snow bed of our dead wings
shudder and close.
:iconfallingasleeptonight:FallingAsleepTonight 14 6
:: May you fly where you be little Puff :: :iconivybeth:IvyBeth 185 20
Did you wake up
one morning and decide
your name was Monday?
Did you lay out slip and stockings
and decide that pretty
was really underneath,
and that your face alone
would buy you nothing?
Did you think
of the men staring
on the bus
and in the elevators
as the car moved up the girders
so high your skirt
was a balloon?
And did the brush of
his sleeve
against your breast
as the crowd moved forward
stop your boots
from crossing the street
and send you into traffic
wanting to feel his name?
:iconscarlettletters:Scarlettletters 74 25
The beauty of heresy lies
in the words
withering on the vine
and all those sounds
I hear you
breathing under water.
I wait as
the chysallis of dawn
wears out its welcome,
skips the beating heart offered up
as ransom
and tries to make a home
between your pages.
:iconscarlettletters:Scarlettletters 85 24
when I am reincarnated I hope to come back as myself.
do not bury me
do not place a cigarette or something else in my hand when I am gone
and say that I wanted this.
do not give me wings like the other dragonflies and angels
put me back in this body that coughs and spits
and loves as recklessly as it writes.
do not give me dog-legs or dog-love.
give me back my lungs my liver my heart
as blackened as they may be.
leave me in a tub of ice and do not close my eyes.
I will close my gaping mouth myself in time, close myself up
climb from the ice and wrap a towel around my waist.
my old life soaking the earth, my new life dripping in.
:iconfallingasleeptonight:FallingAsleepTonight 24 7
Wasted promises- Empty words :icontheheek:theheek 24 37 You are mine :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 1,687 42
Senryu, and How It Differs from Haiku
Compared to other styles of poetry under the category of Haiku and Eastern, there is comparatively little published about the more aggressive senryu.
Senryu, whose name means river willow, uses humor and satire to examine human society. Senryu takes on the form of haiku, but makes greater use of punctuation techniques (ellipses, exclamations, etc.) to convey its point. Senryu can use seasonal kigo, but do not rely on them. In senryu, the seasonal reference should be second in importance to the human portrayal. Contrary to popular belief, not all senryu is humorous. Many express misfortune, eroticism, political views (very important), religion & spirituality, and even anger (observational, not overflowing emotion like tanka). It is often bawdy, devoid of the subtle beauty known in haiku. Animals can also be represented through interaction using human personifications.
Originating during Japan's Edo period, senryu reflected both the societal and political turmoil of the time perio
:iconjade-pandora:Jade-Pandora 47 35
Will I also return
I was young as spring,
and held to autumn's wind
like pomegranates  
in the highest branches,  
before crows hollowed them  
autumn flurries return
with the scent of fallen fruit,
dying leaves
crushed underfoot,  
shelter for next spring
:iconjade-pandora:Jade-Pandora 93 98
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I never know what to write on these things. Here goes.

My name is Shannon. I'm 22 and I'm from Ireland. I love Art (obviously).
:bulletgreen:I mainly write poetry but I do write prose, I draw and take photos too. I never really know what I'm going to try so you may see other things as well.
:bulletyellow:I am currently studying Applied Social Studies.
:bulletred:I also love music, psychology, and reading.
:bulletblue:I love most things dark but I like diseny films and vampire romance. (and I am not even ashamed.)
Anybody who has a problem with the above, I smile and stick out my tongue to you. :nana:
:bulletpink: I have about 7 ideas going at any given time (not all work out) :idea:
:bulletyellow:I do my best work at night.
:bulletred:I walk around all day with a pen in my hair and then complain that can't find it.

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So check out my Gallery and let me know what you think
feedback and comments are welcome :)

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"Happieness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the lght."
Albus Dumbledore

I'm Back

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 11:49 AM

About 2hrs ago I bought a laptop and I get to come back. In the next couple of days I will be going through the notebooks and submitting anything I haven't already. I will get back to those who have messaged me as soon as I can I'm sure you can imagine between deviations, groups, notes, favs and messages, this could take awhile I'm not ignoring anybody :)

So stay tuned people.

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